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GNC - 225g Flowers Organic Fertilizer Baja Bunga 绿叶宝
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Rose: rose, peony, rose, osmanthus and other rose plants to extend the flowering period. After application, the number of rose blossoms is increased, the flowers are bright and colorful, the flowering period is extended, the ornamental value is improved, and the stress resistance of the rose is enhanced. Generally 10-15 cm away from the base of the trunk, using hole application or trench application (approximately 100-120 g / Yanmi), after fertilization, pour water. The general application rate is 20-30 grams per plant, according to the growth and size of the plant. Gardening supplies flower fertilizer. Rose rose rose fertilizer organic fertilizer gardening green plant flower fertilizer

Big fat king is suitable for all kinds of indoor plants, herbs, woody, flowers, long-term application can improve the soil, is your baby's first choice fertilizer. Scope of application: Suitable for Michelia, Dahlia, Phalaenopsis, Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Peony, Orchid, Camellia, Rhododendron, Cyclamen, Pineapple, Poinsettia Clivia, Drip Guanyin, Plain Eucalyptus, Chlorophytum, Wenzhu, Golden Tiger, Aloe, Bafang Caiyuan, Money Tree, Evergreen, Ruby Dragon Blood Tree, Red Fortune, Kumquat, Pomegranate, Huolan, Spring Taro and other flowers. Usage and Dosage: Loose the topsoil, dig an annular ditch, sprinkle fertilizer, and cover the soil

For top dressing: 20-25 g for 20 cm pots, 30-40 g for 30-30 cm pots, 50-60 g for 30-40 cm pots, 80-100 g for more than 40 cm pots
As a base fertilizer: 10-20 kg of mixed culture soil per bag
Fertilization method: Shallow buried along the edge of the pot and pour water
Fertilize once every 10-15 days
Fertilize once every 20 days

月季:月季 牡丹 玫瑰 桂花等蔷薇科植物 延长花期。施用后增加月季开花次数,花大色艳,延长花期,提高观赏价值,并增强月季抗逆性。 一般离主干基部10-15厘米处,采用穴施或沟施方式(大约100-120克/延米),施肥后浇透水。 一般施用量为20--30克/株,依植株长势和大小适当增减.园艺用品花卉肥料.蔷薇玫瑰月季专用肥料有机肥园艺绿植花卉肥料


作追肥:20公分盆用量20-25克   20-30公分盆用量30-40克    30-40公分盆用量50-60克     40公分以上盆用量80-100克


Will pack with extra careful with film wrap, paper wrap and/or bubble foam wrap for best protection.

Items are not returnable and refundable except damages.

Items will or appear to have minor chippings, small/almost invisible dents, discolorations and minor scratches, will not issue refund or exchange except big damages or visible big dent. Do take note if you are too attentive to small details and cannot tolerate this minor imperfection. This is human made pot, hope for your kind understanding for some minor & unintentional imperfections.



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