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GNC - 225g Flowers Bloom Fertilizer Baja Bunga Mewar 大肥王花卉专用肥料通用花草肥盆景花肥营养土全效有机复合肥
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Characteristics: The plant is indispensable for nitrogen fertilizer

 This product is sterilized by high temperature and contains various nutrients and trace elements needed by plants. The cell proliferation and organ construction of plants mainly depend on nitrogen nutrition. Nitrogen nutrition is also an important component of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll plays a major role in the photosynthesis of fruit trees. Adequate nitrogen nutrition can help photosynthesis, increase tree nutrient, make branches grow vigorously, and leaves become thicker and denser; can improve leaf photosynthetic efficiency, increase organic nutrient accumulation, promote flower bud formation, flowering and fruit setting rate, resulting in increased yield excellent. After the plant uses this product, it can be absorbed by the roots in a short time, and can promote the even growth of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits. It has the characteristics of remarkable effect, long-lasting and soft fertility, no damage to the root system, improved soil, and improved plant disease prevention ability. This product is slightly acidic. After use, it can promote the lush foliage of the plant, the stalk is thick and powerful, the flower is large, and the color is colorful.

Product Name: Big Fat King
Ingredients: Urea (nitrogen fertilizer) Nitrogen content: 46%


Usage: Please refer to the bag for details

   For top dressing, bury this product shallowly in the flower soil around the edge of the flower pot. Take a 20 cm diameter pot as an example. Each bag can be used for 5-8 pots. It can also be mixed with soil to plant flowers.


Scope of application: Suitable for home grown vegetables and flowers, various vegetables and flowers, smile, dahlia, phalaenopsis, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, peony, orchid, camellia, rhododendron, cyclamen, pineapple, poinsettia
Clivia, Dripping Water Guanyin, Plain Eucalyptus, Chlorophytum, Wenzhu, Golden Tiger, Aloe, Bafang Caiyuan, Money Tree, Evergreen, Ruby
Flowers such as dragon blood tree, red lotus flower, kumquat, pomegranate, hydrangea, spring taro, etc.

Usage and Dosage: Loose the topsoil, dig an annular ditch, sprinkle fertilizer, and cover the soil
One bag can also be mixed with 5-7 kg of soil as base fertilizer

Will pack with extra careful with film wrap, paper wrap and/or bubble foam wrap for best protection.

Items are not returnable and refundable except damages.

Items will or appear to have minor chippings, small/almost invisible dents, discolorations and minor scratches, will not issue refund or exchange except big damages or visible big dent. Do take note if you are too attentive to small details and cannot tolerate this minor imperfection. This is human made pot, hope for your kind understanding for some minor & unintentional imperfections.



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