GNC Cocopeat Block Coco Fiber Coco Chip Coco Husk Sabut Kelapa Cincang Sabut Kelapa Untuk Tanaman Sabut Kelapa Halus
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Types: Coco Peat / Coco Fiber / Coco Husk / Coco Block
Ingredients: Coconut Shell Extract
Material Feature: Organic, Natural

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【Key Advantages】
Perfect Drainage Qualities - Another incredible benefit coco coir brings to soil is the drainage properties. Coco coir allows any excess of water to drain away through the drainage holes in pots. Which is why it is one of the best growing mediums to prevent root rot in your indoor plants.

Keeps Soil Aerated - Due to coco coirs fibrous nature, it keeps the soil aerated, by allowing oxygen to pass through and reach a plants root system. This is extremely important, as not many people know that the roots of a plant require oxygen in order to survive.

Water Retaining Properties - Coco coir is an extremely dynamic growing medium. On the one hand, it allows any excess water to drain away. But on the other hand, it has super absorbent properties that have the ability to retain moisture. The water holding capacity stores readily available water for the roots of plants to drink at their leisure.

Affordable Renewable Resource - Since coco coir is essentially a by-product of another process (coconut processing), it means it is very affordable and economical for businesses to produce. This is great news for gardeners around the world. The fact that it also doesnt require any further processing, apart from collection and shaping, also helps to keep prices affordable for the end customer.

Naturally Anti-Fungal - A little known fact about coco coir is that it has antifungal properties. The coconut husk takes on a natural acidity from the high salt levels around the coastlines (where coconut trees naturally thrive). This helps to repress fungal spores and limits their growth. It is also great for acid-loving plants.


Types: Coco Peat / Coco Fiber / Coco Husk / Coco Block
Ingredients: Coconut Shell Extract
Material Feature: Organic, Natural


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