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Besgrow is a user-friendly organic fertilizer which can help the growth and development of plants to the best of its genetic potential.
- Besgrow Grass (suitable for all type of grass)
- Besgrow Supreme (suitable for all type of flowers especially Adenium)
- Besgrow Deluxe (suitable for all type of foliar indoor plant)
- Besgrow 3 in 1 (suitable for Bougainvillea and all other houseplants)

Ferti Products
Ferti ®-7 - Specially for orchids planted in pot and in the ground.
Ferti Sheep 7 - Performs best on the vigorous growth of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, Orchid, ornamentals & others.
Ferti 23 - Quality organic fertilizer, for healthy vigorous growth.
Ferti 53 - Special fertilizer for flowering.
Ferti 47G - Promotes abundance formation of flowers.
Ferti 46N - Present in every part of the plant, is the element that regulates the vegetative formation of leaves & stalks.

Max Impact 100% organic fertilizer formulated with Japan Bokashi technology with UK's ionized and nano technology. 
- 45 for growth, 47 for flowering or 43 for fruiting. High HK is for growth and fruiting with 20-30% water soluble chemical fertilizer.
- Each formula can promote rooting, prevent insects and kill fungus, and promote the balanced  amount of  good microbes.
- Suitable for all flowering plants such as  Adedium, cactus, bougainvillea, orchid, annual, fruit trees.

YaraMila Compound Fertilizer
YaraMila 12-12-17 - Fertilizer enlarge the contents of fruits, increasing the number of flowers.
YaraMila 13-13-21 - Fertilizer increases fruit yield.
YaraMila 15-15-15 - Fertile fertilizer, common for small or growing trees.

Osmocote Controlled-Release Fertilizer
Osmocote 15-10-22 - Great for Flowering Plants, the controlled release functions allows it to release the fertilizer granules to plants gradually and it greatly minimize the wastage of fertilizers.
Osmocote 23-9-13 - Works wonderfully on Green Leaves vegetables, plants, fruits and trees. It provides multiple trace elements to your plants as well.

Orchid Nugget
- Suitable for all type of potted orchids, cactus, bonsai and indoor ornamental plants. It's chemical free and odourless.

Baja Kopi 888 provides high in organic matter for the growth of crops.
- This fertilizer suitable to be apply as base fertilizer and top dressing.
- Suitable for flower, fruit and leafy vegetables, especially roses, chilis and other edible plants and fruit trees.

Organic Chicken Manure Fertilizer
- Suitable for all types of plants, Vegetables, Fruits and also Flowers.
- A good soil amendment, chicken manure adds organic matter and increases the water holding capacity and beneficial biota in soil.

Quality Fermented Cow Dung, suitable for soil mixture, composting, as well as direct application to plants as planting media.
- Improve soil conditons, and antibody function of plants.
- Improve fruit plants and vegetable outputs, better and longer lasting flowering.
- Not smelly, suitable for indoor use.

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