GNC 1PCS Compressed Cocopeat Button Hydroponic Seed Germination Coconut Peat Coco Peat Murah Tanah Cocopeat Cocopit 椰糠
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Material: Coco Peat 100%Organic

Quantity: 1Pcs

Function: Germination & Seedling 

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【Key Advantages】

Increased Water Capacity - Cocopeat can increase the water holding capacity of your potting mix, at the same time that it also increases the porosity of your soil. This means there is little worry of over or underwatering your plant. Being hydrophilic, it is also quite easy to rewet, absorbing water quickly.

Very Little Is Required - A little Coco Peat goes a long, long way. Coco peat has 3 variables that allow for this, those being a high cation level, excellent water absorption, and the high porosity. This means that you don’t have to add large amounts of it to benefit the quality of your mix.

Trichoderma - Coco Peat helps to promote the growth of good bacteria and fungi due to the natural Trichoderma which it contains.

It’s Compact And Easily Shaped - Coco Peat may be compressed quite easily to 1/5 or even a little less than its original volume, which makes it quite easy to transport or to store. Further, you can take advantage of this by pressing your Coro Peat into desirable shapes as-needed.

Renewability - Coco Peat is a by-product of coconut harvesting and before it’s properties were known, it was simply removed from the husks and discarded as waste. As it is a natural part of procuring coconuts, it’s a resource that’s quite available and completely renewable.



Material: Coco Peat 100%Organic

Size: 4CM±

Quantity: 1Pcs

Function: Germination & Seedling 


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【Package List】

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